For top producing Agents


For Top Producing Agents

As a top-producing agent in real estate, you have already reached the next level — so what comes after that? If you think that is the end of your learning journey, think again.

As a top-producing Realtor in the industry, it is important that you do not allow yourself to stagnate. Dare we remind you that this business is highly competitive?

In fact, 89% of all real estate transactions in the US are handled by the top 50% of agents in the business.

“Some of the biggest names in the business are becoming more obsolete by the day,” Rich Cosner of Coldwell Banker Southern Realty observes with candor. His message is simple. “If you want to maintain your top producing status, you need to be with our firm…the firm that can lead you into the future. I believe that most top producing agents are at their current firm because of habit. If they really looked at the choices and evaluated those choices in the market today, most would not pick the firms they belong to now. People are at their current firms because they feel comfortable. That is not the right reason to be there. Comfort and no leadership to help you grow will only lead an agent to irrelevance in a few years.”

Just because you have gotten to the top does not mean you are guaranteed to stay there. As an ambitious realtor, it is in your best interest to always be on the lookout for learning opportunities to improve yourself, boost your growth, and expand your business. No matter how long you have been in the industry, one of the best ways to stay at the peak of your career is to attend a real estate coaching program.
Rich Cosner can help define what the “top” means for top-producing realtors in the market — and how to stay there. Through his training and coaching programs, Rich can help you enhance your specialization, improve client experience, and expand your reach into the community you serve.


Where Top Producing Realtors Go To Grow

Rich Cosner and Coldwell Banker Southern Realty have a simple but deadly effective strategy: Hire the cream of the crop in the real estate industry and show them how to level up their business further.

What sets Rich Cosner apart from other real estate trainers is that most real estate coaching programs are designed to target new, inexperienced realtors. However, Rich Cosner and Coldwell Banker Southern Realty do the exact opposite: they focus on hiring established and successful top-producing real estate agents and show them how to dramatically increase their business.
They operate under the belief that companies that offer training programs for only new agents leave a large portion of their target market — the most successful segment — on the table, missing valuable opportunities.
Rich Cosner focuses on working with established real estate agents, which is why a run-of-the-mill training program will not work for them. After all, a top-producing real estate agent has already mastered the basics of the business — the challenge now is to get them to new heights.
The company offers an opportunity for each top-producing agent to get hands-on training with Coldwell Banker’s leadership team, creating a highly personalized program for business development and growth.


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Rich Cosner specializes in turning your real estate business goals into reality. During the program, we will offer you strategic business planning and provide you with access to training resources designed to help meet your unique business goals. Schedule a consultation with us today to see how we can help you reach the top — and stay there for years to come.

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