For Newly licensed agents


For Newly Licensed Agents

Are you new to real estate? Not sure what to tackle first?

Kick start your real estate career with Rich Cosner!

Rich Cosner is an experienced real estate broker who has been in the business of training and coaching newly licensed real estate agents for over 30 years — and has been responsible for the fast-growing real estate careers of hundreds of agents in the business.

A real estate training program may be responsible for making or breaking a real estate agent’s career. In fact, stats by The National Association of Realtors tell a dismal story:

On average, 33% of newly licensed real estate agents quit the business after only the first year.

As you can see, these stats reflect an alarming portrait of the state of the real estate industry concerning its newly licensed agents. Because of the high amount of competition these days, many novice real estate agents are not generating enough business to stay in the industry. In large part, this is due to inefficient training or training being focused on client- or business-oriented tasks rather than income-oriented tasks. In short, real estate agents are not being taught how to generate clients that will lead to a higher income — instead, most of the real estate training programs out there are more geared towards teaching contracts and forms, which is useless if you have no clients.


Today’s Top Producers are an Endangered Species

Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker believes it must lead its already highly-producing agents to a new model of doing business. According to Cosner, if today’s top producing agents do not adapt their business practices to a changing market, they will not be relevant within three to five years. “Some of the biggest names in the business are becoming more obsolete by the day,” he observes with candor. His message is simple. “If you want to maintain your top producing status, you need to be with our firm…the firm that can lead you into the future. I believe that most top producing agents are at their current firm because of habit. If they really looked at the choices and evaluated those choices in the market today, most would not pick the firms they belong to now. People are at their current firms because they feel comfortable,” he explains. “That is not the right reason to be there. Comfort and no leadership to help you grow will only lead an agent to irrelevance in a few years.” His passion for the topic is reflected in the roster of top-producing agents within his brokerage. They are winning in the market, he says, because they share in his vision of longevity and success.


The Rich Cosner Difference

Rich Cosner understands that every newly licensed real estate agent is unique and comes with their own unique set of challenges.

In order to grow their real estate business, they need advice, coaching and guidance tailored to their own specific situation.

That is why Rich offers much more than just short weekly calls for his agents. He welcomes the chance to get to know the trainee and offer them a range of opportunities for strategic planning and provide them access to proven resources. He will then guide them step by step to the success they crave.

Rich Cosner’s program is designed to accelerate the learning process while keeping his agents engaged more effectively.
The Rich Cosner difference offers quantitative benefits, including:

- Newly licensed agents increasing their Gross Commission Incomes by double-digit percentages.
- Newly licensed agents are able to sell 20 homes on average in their first year in business.
- Newly licensed agents will have a higher income than the average real estate agent.

Many of Rich’s clients are nationally recognized real estate agents that offer top performance in the industry.


The New Real Estate Agent Training Process

Once you join Rich Cosner’s firm, he will get you acquainted with the business and assign you to both individual and group training sessions. Your training will include two separate segments:

Sales Training

The section will help you understand the sales-y side of the business and give answers to questions like:

• How to attract buyers to work with you
• How to find homeowners who want to Once you join Rich Cosner’s firm, he will get you acquainted with the business and assign you to both individual and group training sessions. Your training will include two separate segments: sell their homes
• How to make an effective listing presentation
• How to conduct a counseling meeting with potential buyers
• How do you build a client database
• How to create a market and social media campaign

Technical Training

These sessions will include all the information that a newly licensed agent needs to know to effectively complete a real estate transaction. This includes understanding how to answer questions like:
How to determine whether you should work with an individual buyer?
How to figure out whether your buyer can make a purchase?
How to write an effective Offer of Purchase?
How to negotiate counter-offers?
How to work with lenders?
How to work with title and escrow partners?

What to expect at a closing? Moreover, you will also get the additional advantage of using the Coldwell Banker University online learning system that will give you access to dozens of courses that can be helpful for newly licensed agents.

Made up your mind to learn the business? Reach out to Rich Cosner today by calling 931-777-1100.


The Bottom Line

Says Cosner, “It is really pretty simple. If you are an experienced real estate agent who would like to grow your business, you owe it to yourself, your family and your clients to check out what other experienced agents checked out. If you want to have the most dynamic listing presentation that will win at the table virtually every time, you should talk to Coldwell Banker. If you wish your income was more consistent and reproducible you should talk to Coldwell Banker. If you want your clients to have the most advantages when they are selling their homes today, you should talk with Coldwell Banker. If you are tired of working with countless buyers and writing offers and losing out, you should talk to Coldwell Banker.” Cosner acknowledges that his brokerage isn’t perfect; the leadership team is always on the lookout for improved systems and techniques that will better meet its agents’ needs. Still, when he recently addressed a group of agents considering joining his firm, he was incredibly candid and optimistic about his brokerage’s strengths. “I assure you that any of you who are willing to do your part to grow your business will find Coldwell Banker a place that can lead you and show you how to make your business substantially better than it is today,” he asserted. “If you are looking to do the same amount of business you already do, stay at your current firm. However, if you wish to find yourself in a place that puts a premium on your individual success, I assure you that no firm will work harder on your behalf than our firm.”

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