For over 30 years

Teaching & Leading Real Estate Professionals


For over 30 years

Teaching & Leading Real Estate Professionals





Rich has been in the business of real estate for over 35 years and has been making waves in the industry since he began.

Rich reveals that every single office and company that he has owned or managed was successful in becoming a market leader — by a wide margin. Acknowledged as one of the most innovative leaders in real estate, Rich remains highly accessible to all the agents in his firm. In fact, he credits his success to his passion for his agents.
Rich is known for being involved with his agents at the street level. He personally conducts “action groups” many times a year during which he works for four weeks with a group of 10-15 agents, coaching them on how to grow their business to the next level.

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"We Can't Predict the future but we can create it"

Jim Collins


I am one of the most successful guys in the country at training new & experienced agents.

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“Rich Cosner is a kind and helpful broker. He has a wealth of knowledge and is willing to coach and encourage a new agent. He is a challenge overcomer, no matter what obstacles a new agent faces he is willing to help them find solutions. His brokerage also offers fantastic training and all of the experienced agents are willing to help the newcomers! The environment in the office is supportive and encouraging. I am so glad I chose Coldwell Banker Southern Realty!”

“Rich Cosner is the best at what he does. It doesn’t matter what background you come from. He made it very clear from me from the start; if you have the drive, you can be as successful as you want to be, and he will get you there. Take it from me as I have spent my whole life working in the HVAC industry, from my father and grandfather, working is a way of life. But when you love what you do it’s not work anymore it’s a career! That is what I found when I joined the Coldwell Banker Firm, and not only a firm, but a family of agents and the best mentor who strives to see his agents succeed. Rich invests a lot into us agents so we can come out on top and be the best agents we can be! So if your looking for a career change, to become a Real estate Agent, or even swapping firms, come join the Coldwell Banker Family.”

“I’ve been a Realtor for 11 years, having worked at Remax for 10 years previously before accepting Rich Cosner’s invitation to come to work for him. I can truthfully say Rich is very friendly and encouraging to his agents. He offers very good advice and also offers educational classes on many subjects. He runs his office like a business, but he’s definitely a people person. He doesn’t meddle into my business and lets me “do my thing” without any interference from him. I have not regretted joining his firm one second - we are already the Number One Agency in this area, out-selling all the others put together. And I have had one of my best years ever at Coldwell Banker Southern Realty, successfully closing over 50 transactions! I’m definitely proud to be on a winning team at Coldwell Banker Southern Realty”

“I had the privilege of working as a Branch Manager for Rich Cosner for 7 years. I consider Rich to be one of the best leaders in the real estate industry. He is forward-thinking, innovative, and focused on the success of those he leads. When you join his ranks, you can be sure Rich Cosner will be 100% committed to your success. He will inspire you to achieve even more than you imagined and will equip you with the tools and resources you need.”

“I worked for Rich as a Manager for his Moreno Valley office in 2001 and later as a Regional Sales Manager. Rich is a true professional in every sense of the word, with a long track record of coaching Managers and Agents to success. He worked tirelessly to keep his company on the cutting edge and was always looking for tools and systems that could better aide his Agents to perform better. He was never too busy to help when a challenge, question or idea came up. Rich’s management meetings were collaborative and upbeat. He’s caring, thoughtful and listens to management concerns and addresses them. Rich always made me feel like a valued member of his staff.”

Moreno Valley, California

“As a national speaker, coach, and trainer I can attest that working with Rich Cosner to help him grow his company and attract high-quality professionals has been one of my most rewarding professional memories and privileges. His leadership focus, no matter how large the company grew, was directed squarely at agent benefit and individual growth knowing that through this, the company would grow as well. No matter the case, Rich never lost focus on the things he always said are most important. A brand with a stellar reputation... tools, systems, education, and training to help the professionals grow their business. Along with, a real personal connection with the individual agents. Rich’s tireless roll your sleeves up and work ethic, beliefs, attracting quality professional agents, and surrounding himself with empowered managers and leaders, grew the company from just a few offices to several in just a few years. Should you get the chance to meet and work with Rich yourself a favor, do not pass on it.”

Master Live Now Coach, Consultant, Master Speaker, Trainer

“Having worked directly with Rich Cosner as a Branch Manager, Regional Manager, and ultimately his Vice President of Sales for 15 years, I can honestly say that he is one of the best leaders in our industry. He is forward looking, caring, engaged, open to new ideas, and incredibly inspiring. During my tenure at his firm, Rich taught me everything he knows about this industry that has lead to my current level of success, now overseeing 33 branches in Southern California for Coldwell Banker Realty. Whether an agent, employee, or branch manager, Rich will deliver on his promises.”

“I joined Rich's Southern California Prudential firm in 2002 and had the pleasure of working with him for over 15 years. Throughout my career of being a top sales agent, assistant manager, recruiter and sales manager, Rich was there every step of the way to guide me and push me to reach my highest potential. I owe all of my success to Rich. You will not find a more genuine leader who truly cares about his agents career.”

“One word for those considering the opportunity to work with Rich: RUN!!!! But not in the way you would think. Run as fast as you can to partner with him. I have worked as a real estate leader in Florida, Colorado, California, and now Texas, and Rich has been along for the ride every single step of the way. He is not only a mentor but a friend, a true friend who will tell you the way it is and what is best for you, not for him. I have been very fortunate to have some great "bosses" along the way, some of the best in the country, but none like Rich. This would be an amazing opportunity for anyone. My only advice, strap on your seatbelt for the ride!”

“We would like to take this opportunity to recommend Rich Cosner, broker - owner of Prudential California Realty. Our twenty plus year experience, with Rich, has encompassed working for him and becoming respectful friends. Rich possess all the attributes necessary to be an excellent broker and leader. He is savvy, professional and a master at recognizing and supporting his agents needs. He provides training and marketing skills to help you grow your business. Rich is highly personable, honest and hands on. Working with Rich will help you be successful and provide.” Kelley and Korte Team”

“I began my career in California Real Estate working for Rich Cosner. It was an excellent experience primarily due to his desire to educate and his team building. Rich has a wonderful way about him. There is a real sense of pride for the agents fortunate enough to work in his offices. Rich Cosner will always be important to me. We have remained friends, and I am very grateful to him for the skills he taught me and the fun that we always had along the way! He’s a really great guy and an incredible mentor.” Berkshire Hathaway Homes Services Monarch Beach, California”

“I’ve known Rich Cosner for nearly 30 years. Being the supportive Broker he is, it’s his agents who win! During the time I worked as a salesperson at his company, our offerings and services were second-to-none. There was no comparison, and Rich approached taking his agents’ businesses to soaring levels, by investing in them. He is amazing when it comes to providing the grandest and classiest location and artful at maintaining a personal-connected environment – he is present and always makes time for his agents. The only thing standing between us now is geography. As a sales manager, Rich is the friend and resource I value turning to for the best ideas in the industry, the best approaches to situations, and the best advice because I trust him. I think it’s an extra benefit to his agents that he is isn’t a sellingcompeting broker in the business – his focus is on his agents, managers, staff and everyone’s success.” Kelly L. Campbell Realtor®, Sales Manager Relocation Director BRE# 00902880 (since 1985) Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties Cell: 714.310.6153 / Ofc: 626.861.2770 Website:”

San Gabriel Valley

“In todays world of Real Estate one might think all companies are the same, I assure you they are not. We can say every office has the same things. The real truth is every office has access to the same things. After being in this business of ours over 28 years and meeting hundreds if not thousands of agents, I know most agents will just do what they have to; and not take advantage of what will make them great! The difference with Prudential California Realty-Rancho Cucamonga is we have an astute owner/operator who has the foresight to envision something greater than the average Real Estate Office! Rich Cosner truly wants his Realtors to succeed on a higher plain; both in business and in life. He has set in motion the finest, state of the art tools that we need to succeed; and more importantly made them easily utilized in our everyday business. I believe this to be paramount to our success as agents. There is no other place I would rather be than right where I am, I feel truly blessed to be a part of this organization!” Prudential CA Realty 12335 Baseline Road #101 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739 714-337-8718 Calbre#00898302”

“I have worked for Prudential California Realty and Rich Cosner for 11 years. Rich Cosner has always been a great mentor and friend to me. He offers so much for a new agent. Such as education, marketing ideas, social media and he has always had an open door to my many questions…especially at the beginning of my career. Rich has a creative mind and is always striving to bring the newest technology and training to his agents. He is also very dedicated to each agent individually. He wants to see every agent succeed. The office environment has always felt like family and everyone wants to help each other. The Rancho Cucamonga Office is beautiful and offers everything you need to conduct your business successfully. Such as beautiful conference rooms, computer stations, and of course a staff of professionals that are very helpful. Prudential California Realty and Rich Cosner offers competitive commission splits for the agents who work for him. From the bottom of my heart I believe Rich Cosner is an awesome broker and friend, and anyone who works for him is truly blessed.” Sincerely”

“I have enjoyed a strong business and personal relationship with Rich for many years. I have admired his character and success and endorse him whole-heartedly. Rich Cosner has enjoyed exceptional success in the real estate brokerage business, as a result of his people development skills. He is a caring, professional and charismatic businessman who has devoted his career to helping people attain greater successes than they ever imagined. This has resulted in great business and personal success for all associated with him and his company. If you are considering a move or a new career in real estate, you would be well-served to seriously consider aligning with Rich. He is too humble to advertise his own success BUT he is one of the most respected and admired brokerage leaders in the industry. At all times, he gives full credit for his success, to the wonderful people within his companies. If you want to align with a professional broker who cares about his associates and does not see you, as just a number, allow Rich to be the catalyst for your success.” Former Prudential Real Estate – Executive Vice President, North America Former Senior Vice President – HSF Affiliates LLC., parent of Prudential Real Estate, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and Real Living Real Estate”

“I have known Rich Cosner since 1994. Over the past 22 years I have watched Rich build and grow his real estate operations to 9 offices and over 800+ agents working for his brokerage. In my opinion, the key to his success has always been what Rich believes in. His ownership and leadership principles have been guided by a resolute belief that people are the most important asset of any company. He works tirelessly every day to recruit, train and help his agents. He knows what he is doing. His past successes prove it.””

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Rich Cosner for the past 15 years. Our paths first crossed when I was a the Executive Vice President of Prudential California Realty, based in San Diego and the Nation’s largest Prudential Franchise. We held the Master franchise for the territory spanning Santa Barbara to the Mexican Boarder. Rich owned and operated one of the finer, if not the finest, privately owned and operated companies within our Region. In addition, Rich and I have also been involved in the same company owner Master Mind group. My knowledge of Rich is extensive and firsthand. You will find Rich to be a man of unquestioned integrity, high morals combined with outstanding leadership qualities. He understands this industry from the perspective of the sales associate. Always willing to listen, fair minded and responsive to the needs of his associates. Qualities not always present in todays world. As the owner of a Los Angeles based real estate company with several hundred associates I understand the traits and qualities a owner/leader must have in order for his associates to prosper and succeed. Rich is such an owner. His previous successes are numerous and I have every confidence that his new ventures will equal or surpass the accomplishments of the past. He is a leader with vision, determination and compassion. A man you can trust with your career and future success.” Sincerely Yours, 424.249.7108 office 310.963.8846 cell [email protected] John Aaroe Group 150 S. Rodeo Drive, Suite 100 Beverly Hills, CA 90212”

“I have known Rich Cosner for over 30 years. As a brand new real estate agent, I was attracted to his positive energy and the direction he offered to me. I worked under his brokerage for over 15 years until he left the area to open a company in North Orange County. Rich is engaging, knowledgeable, honest, and enthusiastic. He is a great mentor for any age group in any business. He is reliable, consistent and always on the cutting edge in business development. I attribute my success in business to his great direction, training and encouragement. I have not met a manager since then who would hold a candle to him.” Kind Regards Regency R.E. Brokers BRE #01025400 949-697-1143 [email protected]

“I basically started my career with Rich Cosner. He motivated, agents like me, prompted his agents, gave his best training, and was always available to help. I could not have succeeded without him. He has been my Mentor for all the years I have been in Real Estate. If you want to know more about him and his success, just ask any of thousands of agents who have worked I his company. Thanks Rich for making me the Agent I am.””

“I was a floundering 5 month new Realtor at an established real estate firm in Orange County, California when Rich Cosner entered my life. He called to asked me to give him a chance...and a turn my stumbling real estate hobby into a flourishing, income generating career. Thirty-one years later I am proud to say that I gave him that chance and he was indeed a man of his word. Rich is a motivator of people and his skills at teaching, managing, inspiring, building and designing real estate related enterprises and real estate individuals is second to none. It is a rare and treasured compliment to say that someone is a force for good in a life. In my case, Rich Cosner was indeed that force.” Real Estate Broker (BRE #00893311) F1RST TEAM ESTATES South Orange County Office 949-633-6934 [email protected]

“Rich Cosner is a leader dedicated to agent success. His organization wins if his agents win. Rich invests the money to develop the right value proposition for the market place and then teaches agents how to use the proposition to differentiate from the competition. I spent three years as the COO of Rich’s company watching him employ this concept to grow a great company and develop some of the most successful agents in Southern California.” [email protected] (775) 850-5940 (877) 922-5900 (775) 315-9650 cell (775) 850-5901 fax Chase International The Leader in Luxury Real Estate 985 Damonte Ranch Parkway, Suite 110 Reno, Nevada 89521”


“Rich Cosner is a very generous leader, that cares about the growth of the agents and people that surround him, he will listen to the wants and needs and find solutions to help you grow your business.””

“I have known Rich Cosner for twelve years in my work in title insurance sales. Rich has consistently stood out during this time for a number of reasons. 1) Passion for Success. Rich wants success for all of his agents and firmly believes that they will do better working with him. This is backed up with a track record of agent success. Year after year, Rich invests his time and monies to bring resources and experts to push agents toward excellence. He has always been enthusiastic about sales and the rewards they bring to agents. 2) Knowledge of Industry. We always looked forward to his insights as the market went through its changes with the economy. What was next, how to sell in the future, who was buying, what sellers were expecting from their agents, where the competition was coming from were his expertise. He helps explain these issues and how they can impact your business. 3) Human Touch. Rich is friendship on CEO. You regularly saw him at social events, weddings, funerals and other life events for not only his agents but also for those of us on the outside known as vendors. You always get the sense that he genuinely enjoys people and the friendships to be had through honest interactions. This isn’t always the case for ambitious brokers but is very much a stand out quality for Rich. I hold dear his comments and notes following a tragedy in my own life. 4) Optimism. Optimism is great to have. It is better when it is coupled with knowledge, honesty, skill, and charisma. You’ll find all of these in Rich. 5) A Game. Rich always brings his best, which encourages those around him to bring their best. I often believed that my own skills were sharpened by my association with Rich.””

[email protected] 714-488-3052

“Prudential California Realty for 10 years. Rich recognizes the important role that technology and marketing play in my business and has provided our team with the most innovative training in both areas. Our office has a comfortable home town feel, located in a great location to meet with our clients. Rich has always treated his agents with a personable caring style, who is always wanting success for his agents.” Thank you”

“I have known Rich Cosner for over 25 years and in that time I have come to truly appreciate him as one of the finest real estate brokers I have ever known. His commitment to excellence and his integrity clearly establish him as an exceptional leader in the real estate industry. I consider him an outstanding visionary and one of the most compassionate individuals I know. I have witnessed him start and build two of the most successful real estate organizations in the country by creating tools and resources that help his sales associates differentiate themselves from their competition. He does things right. I am proud to have him as a friend.” Coldwell Banker Coastal Alliance A Chairman’s Circle Company (562)370-1053 BRE# 00347143”


“Rich Cosner is supremely professional. I am fortunate to have worked with him for over a decade, during which time I have learned to represent and take care of my clients, always in a correct, ethical manner. A new real estate agent would be lucky to work with Rich. An experienced agent or broker would be strategically brilliant to hang their license with him, so that he could motivate and refine the skills necessary to be very successful.””

Prudential California Realty

“I get to work with a lot of Brokers and I have to say Rich Cosner is one of the best. Operating with a high level of integrity holding agents accountable while providing them with the support of a great management team coupled with tools and training to succeed and grow their business. A great place to call home if you want a system in place to market your business and grow.””

“I have known Rich for almost 9 years now and he is an outstanding broker to work with. I’ve had the opportunity to meet other brokers in the area and although they are all very professional, I wouldn’t think of hanging my license in any other office. Rich really cares deeply about all his agents and he works closely with all of them to ensure they have everything they need to be successful in this business. His marketing is cutting edge, and he really goes above and beyond to make sure his agents can position themselves as the best in their market area. If you want to align yourself with the best in the business you need to give Rich a call and make the move to Prudential California Realty. In my mind, there is no other choice.””

“Prudential California Realty is the premier real estate firm for agents and clients working and or selling in the luxury real estate market. I begin my career in real estate nearly a decade ago working for Prudential California Realty out of the Rancho Cucamonga office. Over the seven years I worked for Prudential I primarily focused on the high-end luxury estates areas of Rancho Cucamonga such as Toll Brothers Estates, Havenview Estates and Carriage Estates. Thought the extensive knowledge and training provided by Prudential, it’s managers and fellow agents I built a successful career working in the luxury home market. Prudential has and continues to have the leading edge on on-line marketing geared towards a successful sale and promotion of high-end residential real estate. In fact according to the latest statistic 87% of homebuyers start their search online and this number is even higher for international buyers looking for high-end real estate. Prudential understands their buyer and seller and work to provide the best marketing and training so their agents can and will succeed at the highest levels. I am proud to say that in last then a decade working in residential real estate I have sold over $48 million in real estate. I attribute a large majority of my success to the training, marketing, support and infrastructure provider to me by Prudential. They have been and will continue to be a model for success in the real estate industry. Thanks again, to all the Prudential family and in-particular Rich Conser, for his professional guidance and continuing support.” Rodeo Realty - Beverly Hills / Brentwood Luxury Estates Division 323-422-3253 cell [email protected]

“In today’s market and society in general, people don’t consider others. Selfishness is rampant. Selflessness is unknown. Rich Cosner is unique. He is generous, sincere and ever so personal as he continues to make people a priority in life. He generously pours his time and energy into the brand new agent just as he would the top producer. I will never forget being a new agent and him accompanying me on a listing appointment!! Not only was he selflessly encouraging me that day but he was serving the sellers giving them the assurance they needed. He sincerely wants to see you succeed. Although he is a very savvy businessman and doesn’t need to make another penny, he doesn’t retreat to a life of self indulgence but rather wants to share his experience and tools to see others not just succeed but thrive. He is surprisingly accessible. What a privilege to have him in my corner. Although he has hundreds if not thousands of people he engages with in a given month, you matter to him personally. I knew that he didn’t see me as a number but instead he saw me as an individual. Rich Cosner was not only my boss but my friend and one of my greatest cheerleaders. His faithful support made it extremely difficult for me to leave his office to open my own. Even so, I know that Rich continues to cheer for me. What selfless authentic support we have in Rich!!””

“The Best of the Best, an Elite Real Estate Broker to align your Real Estate Business with is Rich Cosner. Prudential California Real Estate. Rich is not only a broker that can help you drive your business to Top Agent in the Nation, he can assist anyone to drive their business at any level they desire. Rich Cosner is well know across the Nation for dedicating himself to helping agents grow their business, however Rich’s passion is helping people grow professionally, as well as to succeed in personal growth. Thirteen years ago I met Rich as a new license, with young children, Rich help me go from balancing family and succeeding to add income to my household, to excelling year after year to new professional and personal challenges. Rich is one of my number one ‘go to’ people, for advise on ‘how to,’ and that I’m truly thankful for...” 714.932.4447 [email protected] Cal BRE#01388320 22800 Savi Ranch Pkwy. Yorba Linda, CA 92887”

“I have known Rich Cosner for the past 15 years. I started my Real Estate courier with Prudential. During these many years, he has always been available to train me along other agents, treated me with respect and available to talk when I needed his help. He always came up with new ideas to advance his agents and willing to help you get to the next level. That is why I stayed with Prudential for so many years and I was sad to see him leave Orange County. Have a Super Day! Thank you! Thank you!””

“In the real estate business, true leadership is a very rare commodity. Rich Cosner is a true leader. Rich has built and grown brokerage companies that have only been successful because he has works hard to assure the success of each and every agent in the company. This industry is changing now at an incredible pace. You either change now or get left behind. Rich is one of only a few brokers that has always embraced change and in doing so he excels at turning that otherwise disruptive change into amazing opportunity.””

“Having been in the business for over 35 years and having touched many markets across America, I have rarely seen a broker who cares more for his agents than Rich Cosner. Rich is sincerely concerned about each individual in his brokerage in every aspect of their careers. He always provides the latest training and technology and has an impeccable reputation. Without a doubt he is at the pinnacle of ethics in our industry. He has been responsible for many agents achieving very high levels of production.””

“He has worked to improve and obtain real success in other market areas and Orange County. But now He is here Inland Empire and I’m grateful to God to Have this opportunity again to work with a successfully businessman, Yes He is a remarkable real estate Broker Leader. But above all else Rich Cosner is simple wonderful human being. My name is Ann Nugent I have worked for Rich Cosner for 16 years. He is a man that trully cares about his agents always their to listen or give advise. He cares about his agents as if they were family. I became a Legend Award winner working with Prudential the name that is known around the world. Rich has the knowledge and expertise and his extensive knowledge that he shares with his agents his commitment the way he models behavior that his agents emulate his work ethic and interigity. Rich has always inspired me on my career to success.”

Legend Award winner, Prudential California Realty

“I’m delighted to be part of his organization at Prudential California Realty Rancho Cucamonga. I’m especially pleased to have the opportunity to share some of my thoughts about this extraordinary Man. His leadership on Real Estate Industry and his years of experience and education of always sharing with us, makes me feel unique, and brings valuable knowledge to my clients. Rich.Cosner is a human being that gives everything he knows to see you grow. He devotes just as much time and energy to teach and guide his agents to being the best. Rich recognizes the value of people and helps us by providing the perfect tools we need to grow in our carrier and have success! His genuine personality makes us feel at home. When I met this Man for the first time at His Company in Chino Hills in 2001 at Prudential California Realty, I sensed the words commitment and knowledge, Up until today Its been a blessing in my life. Respecfully”

“My career with Rich started when he opened his first office in Mission Viejo with 10 agents. I was an agent for two years and a sales manager for six and in that time the company grew from the 10 agents to 135 while also moving into larger facilities to accommodate the growth. This phenomenal growth was due to Rich’s vision, marketing and technical tools needed to keep up with the ever changing world of real estate. It is difficult to find a broker/owner with as much passion for the business plus his innate capacity to care about the success of each of his agents. His training far exceeds any company I’ve ever encountered. One of Rich’s strongest attributes is to reward and acknowledge agents who have done a great job. This is key to the success of any company.””

“To whom it may concern: I started my real estate career with Rich Cosner in 1989. It was the best decision I could have made. Many of my friends who chose to start with other companies soon gave up on the business. Rich made sure that anyone who worked for him had everything necessary to succeed. His patience, knowledge, kindness and years of experience were priceless. He was always ahead of the game with the most recent technology, which gave us an edge in the marketplace. One of the most important qualities for any businessman is integrity and Rich has always had that reputation. He insisted that we were above board on all of our transactions and taught us well. Rich has such a positive attitude and will cheer you on no matter what the market conditions. He works with you to make you a success. His guidance is responsible for my successful career.” Sincere Regards,”

Regency Real Estate DRE #001009605 Tel: 949-294-1147

“Rich, I have had the pleasure of being your consultant for over 20 years. This says it best: If I did not work for ME, I would work for YOU! Everybody should.” REAL DATA STRATEGIES, INC. 480 Apollo Street, Suite A Brea, CA 92821-3121 Voice Phone: 714.990.4411 Ext. 111 E-Mail: [email protected] On The Web:”

Industry Analyst & Consultant

“I have been a real estate agent for approximately 34 years and have worked with only three different offices in that time. Prudential California Realty is the company I am currently an agent with and Mr. Rich Cosner was my broker for approximately 17 years. I truly believe that he will help his agents to achieve their highest real estate goals. Mr. Cosner is a man of his word, and I know from personal experience that if you are considering a professional career in real estate, Prudential California Real Estate is for you, and having Mr. Cosner as your broker, with his experience and expertise is a real plus in your decision making.””


“Hi Rich, This will be the easiest testimonial I’ve ever written. As an agent that’s worked with you and Prudential for over 15 years, I can say without hesitation that your company offers the best training, marketing and support of your agents of any real estate firm out there. Moreover, the support that agents receive from you personally is second to none! The question isn’t ‘Why should I come to Prudential Cosner?’ The question is ‘With everything Rich and Prudential offers, why wouldn’t I come to Prudential?!’”

Prudential California Realty 12125 Day St., Ste. E-301 Moreno Valley, CA 92557 Cell: 951.741.6588

“When I started to working for Rich Cosner / Prudential I had no clue as to what it was to be a Realtor. Through the tools and training Rich provided as the owner of his company I was able to learn what a Realtor should do, be and perform like to be successful. I remember Rich put together an Action group to help those that wanted to increase the knowledge and business. It was a great learning time for me and he committed to about 12 weeks for this action group. What impressed me was at that time Rich had several Top Producers in the company, but he was willing to shear his time, money and knowledge to those that were not producing as well as we could have. My highest Respect to Rich Cosner, a man that has been a great man to work for and with. Rich is down to earth and shows true concern for his company and those who work there!!!.””

EGA Homes / Riverside

“I first got in the Real Estate business in 1988 in Mission Viejo. Within 3 months, I became the Top Listing Agent of the rival company. I then was recruited by Rich Cosner. He promised me this and that and he had a marketing plan that could propel me into another level. I took the chance and never looked back! At one point in time, I had 23 listings and 9 escrows going. Rich Cosner was instrumental in giving me the tools it took to get to that level! Never underestimate the knowledge and power Rich Cosner has and what he can do to further your career in Real Estate. Do yourself a favor, give Rich Cosner a chance, you won’t be disappointed, I did and will forever be thankful!””

McKay & Associates Realty, Inc.

“I have yet to meet an Amazing extraordinary person as Rich Cosner, A True Pack Leader, an Inspiration & a Heartful Human Being, To all and any new agents considering merging with this Amazing company, I can honestly share behind an Amazing Reputable & Prestigious Company will always be an Impeccable and Amazing Person and that is who Rich Cosner, represents to me! An Amazing Inspiration and Amazing Leader!! Blessings Rich, you know that these are not even enough to even start sharing about your amazing person!! Thank you!!” Kindly”

Keller Williams Realty 7898 Mission Grove Parkway S Suite 102 Riverside, California 92508 Direct Cell: 951-850-7238

“Denise and I have worked with Rich Cosner for over 15 years. Rich is an amazing Broker/Owner and we have always valued our relationship. His reputation and accomplishments in our industry are unparalleled. Our business has always benefitted from Rich’s guidance, support and motivation. Rich has tremendous ability to accurately forecast market trends, keeping his agents current and ahead of the curve. Rich offers the tools, knowledge and experience to develop, grow or strengthen your existing real estate business. If you were looking for a strong, knowledgeable Broker, who cares about you and your business, you would be hard pressed to find a better choice than Rich Cosner.” Denny & Denise Rockwell, Realtors”

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Direct (714)335-2102

“I Carla Deedrick have been working for Prudential California Realty as a full time Agent for nine years under Rich Cosner. During my nine years under Mr. Cosner my experience has been excellent. When I first joined Prudential I went through training classes with Mr. Cosner that gave me the footing I needed in the industry to excel. I was always given the tools I needed to succeed and navigate in this industry. Mr. Cosner has been down to earth easy to work for and has always been available for his agents. He is professional and helpful & generous and I would highly recommend working as an Agent under Mr. Cosner.”

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“Rich Cosner is one of the most dynamic brokers I have ever worked for. Most brokers don’t care about their agents’ success on the level Rich does. His passion is to make us more than just being great realtors but for us to become great business owners and entrepreneurs. While he spends a lot of his time coaching us, he never loses sight on how we can better serve our clients. He understands that our customers are the most important part of our business. His dedication to train us to become better marketers, more efficient, and out of the box thinking allows us to out sell the competition. When our homes sell for more money and faster than the average agent our clients win and that is the ultimate satisfaction as an agent.””

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“I have had the pleasure of knowing Rich Cosner for over 20 years and let my comments be a good old fashioned testimonial to what a phenomenal broker/mentor he is for any agent or industry professional fortunate enough to be a part of his world. More importantly, Rich is just a genuinely kind, warm, funny, and engaged person. I am now a Senior Vice President with First American Title. But much earlier in my career, Rich took the time to work with me, to help me visualize greater success and break through to new sales levels, which frankly, I didn’t think we’re possible. Rich got me to look at obstacles as challenges and how to creatively rework my own goals to achieve greater ones, while still remaining true to my own personal goal of love and service. There wasn’t anything ‘in it’ for him. That’s just how Rich is to everyone. I have seen him extend kindnesses and help to struggling new agents, when no one was looking, no one knew. That is why any agent should seriously consider working with Rich and his enterprise. We rise and fall by the company we keep. Rich is great company. He is a leader, a trainer and an innovator. I would spend time with him everyday if I could. Consider yourself lucky if you should find yourself with the opportunity.””

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“Hello Rich, A long time has passed since I joined your company Century 21 Hillcrest in 1988, only 5 years later and #5 in the nation, to become Prudential California Realty. There were approximately 25 of us, and we were a family. You made sure of that, and our Real Estate business was fun! As a progressive and proactive businessman, you had the insight that I would be successfully. Well, with the skill training, tools, and personal attention that you and your management team provided, I found myself as being one of your ‘stars,’ which was what you used to call us. I trusted your wisdom as a leader, and I did what you suggested. It worked! In a very short time, I became a respected Realtor in the in dustry by my peers, and here I am 28 years later, still passing on the skills I learned in (what I have always called) ‘The House of Cos.’ In conclusion, I would highly recommend new and seasoned Realtors to join your company if they are serious about their business and want every opportunity available in the industry. I do follow your company on Facebook and I see that nothing has changed. You still offer so much of yourself to your ‘team’ as you did 28 years ago. In my opinion, anyone joining you, Rich Cosner, and Prudential California Realty are making the best decision of their career. I did.””

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“When I first went to Prudential I went there for the name and for the great tools, what I got was a president of a company that truly cares about his agents. Rich Cosner. Whether it’s a quick phone call to bounce an idea off of, or a major brainstorming session to accelerate your career, Rich Cosner is the person to go to. He is always excited to come up with, and try new ideas, and he’s a great motivator. Rich’s integrity, sincerity and professionalism not only make him a exceptional president of a company I’m proud to call Rich a great friend.””

“Hi Rich, any agent looking to come to your Company would be in good hands with you leading them in this business. With your Leadership I’m sure they would thrive like I did at PRU in YL. With your experience and the love of real estate they would benefit greatly if of course they are willing to work hard and be guided by your wisdom. Please feel free to have them call me if they feel they need to. You’re the best.””

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“I had the pleasure of working closely with real estate broker Rich Cosner for 3 years. During that time and under his mentoring, I successfully tripled my earnings and firmly established a 10,000 home geographic farm in Anaheim Hills. Rich’s passion, business building knowledge, and marketing support were major contributors to my success. I greatly benefited from working with him and his team.””


“The Molloy Team has been working under the leadership and guidance of Rich Cosner as President and CEO of Prudential California Realty for over 10 years. The decision to go and stay with Prudential is mostly due to Rich. Besides having an “open door” policy, Rich has always provided his agents with “cutting edge” training and technological advances. Rich Cosner is much more then simply a President and CEO. Rich is a mentor, teacher, advisor, and most importantly we consider him a friend.””

The Molloy Team

“To Whom It May Concern: It is my great privilege and joy to personally recommend to anyone looking for a great broker or “overseer” to help you build an awesome real estate career…my former broker, Mr. Rich Cosner. I lived in Southern California and joined his firm right at the beginning of my time in real estate. Rich taught me and many others like me, how to just flat “WIN” at real estate. From selecting the different neighborhoods in which to sow advertisements and contacts in order to gain those properties, to the art of advertising and the placement of it in order to get those properties sold, Rich always shared his vast knowledge that brought him such success. That kind of leadership is what has made him, as well as the realtors he has produced, such a huge success and number one in many markets. I would encourage any realtor in any market to connect with Rich if they want to see great results from their time and effort and become a top producer in real estate.” Sincerely,”

“Dear Rich, Thank you for the many years we have shared. The best addition to my career was joining you in January of 1999. Thanks to your leadership and attention I was able to earn the Prudential Legend Award and the Outstanding Customer Service Award and to enjoy a prosperous and satisfying profession. Rich Cosner is an amazing Broker. His association with the top Brokers in the U.S.; his voracious reading and constant interest in growth; his market knowledge and ability to discern market conditions; and his sincere interest in his Agents has been the keystone of his success. Anyone associated with his business will learn and always be a step ahead in the market place. I highly recommend him to anyone, learning or already successful, as a Broker to truly admire and believe in. Rich, I truly have learned the difference between a Broker/ Owner who is involved and committed to the Agents growth and success and those that just provide a work place. Thank you for always having my back. You always did what you said you would and earned my trust. I wish you the very best of success in your endeavors and all the happiness you can handle! Respectfully,”


“After working with Rich Cosner for almost 25 years, I can honestly say there is no better leader in the real estate industry when it comes to agent-centric management. He genuinely cares about the agents that work for him and diligently works to help grow their business. He has business and marketing savvy that benefits every agent, from newly licensed to top producer, and I’ve personally watched the transformation of hundreds of agent’s careers under his leadership over the years. If there is a one thing I’ve learned in my own capacity as an owner of a real estate marketing company, it’s that the support behind the agent makes all the difference in the world when it comes to success and failure. If your goal is to be successful, Rich Cosner would be the best choice you could make to hitch your wagon to.””

President/Operations Director One Step Services

“I adore Rich Cosner!!! If I worked in Rancho, there would be no other choice than to work with Rich!!! He has such high morals and an awesome well deserved reputation, (hard to do after so many years in this industry) You can go to Rich for anything you need, and he will be there to help. He is knowledgeable, helpful, kind, funny, honest, brilliant businessman!!” If you have any questions I can answer any time. wendy@”

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“My father introduced me to Rich Cosner when I was 20 years old. My father, a new homes builder, knew Rich as having been his new homes sales manager. He told me that Rich, then 26 years old and office manager of Russell Realty, would be a great mentor as he was ‘really going places.’ Dad was right! Throughout the years Rich has always been at the leading edge of the real estate industry. His foresight as to the direction of business keeps him on top. I am still in real estate and if I lived anywhere near one of his offices I would be there! Rich is more that a leader, he is an innovator.””

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“Rich grew up and went to school in Pennsylvania. When he was ready to go to work he came to Lorain County on the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio to make his mark. Make his mark he did, quickly becoming one of the most successful realtors in the area. Much to the pleasure of Newman Russell, owner of Russell Realty, Rich ran the most successful office in the company of 7 offices. Persuading realtors to come work for him was a no-brainer. As other realtors in the area saw the success of his office they wanted ‘in.’ Mr. Russell then asked Rich to do company-wide sales meetings in order to inspire and effectively train the rest of the sales staff. Richard D. Cosner is the most dynamic Sales Manager I have ever known or seen in action. His enthusiasm is boundless and contagious. He has taken on many beginners and made them stars in the Real Estate Business. Rich is a master at instilling the desire to be great. I have been a witness to the results many times over.I have total confidence in Rich’s ability to succeed in whatever endeavor he undertakes. Rich is the only person I have met in my entire life about whom I can honestly make these statements.””

The Villages, Florida

“Rich Cosner is one of the most kind, inspirational, motivational and intelligent people I know. His success lies in his ability to create an environment of cohesion and trust, provide clarity of vision and philosophy, and elicit hard work and commitment from and for his agents. Rich does all of this with conviction of heart, passion for the business and an honest respect for his agents. He instills values in each agent that will follow them through an incredibly successful career in real estate and life in general. As a broker, Rich truly represents the highest level of integrity in the industry and he does so with incredible optimism and passion. Whether a seasoned professional or a newly licensed agent, I would highly recommend working with opportunity of a lifetime.”

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“As part of the management team for many years with Prudential California Realty I was involved in many of the discussions that centered on the growth of the company and overall productivity of the agents within the company. At each meeting that we met Rich Cosner had a keen focus ofwhat would help the agents the most. The question he always asked was ‘Will this help the agents sell more homes?’ Rich’s has an acute focus on the well being of his agents and what will benefit them in the long run. If something was not a benefit directly to the agents Rich would pass on it and continue to search for a better tool, process, system, or idea to help his agents succeed.””


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