For Agents in their first 2 years


For Agents in Their First Two Years in Real Estate

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According to the National Association of Realtors, real estate agents that have an experience of under two years earn a median income of just $8,500 per year. In addition, 85% to 90% of real estate agents fail in the business in their first five years.

As you can probably understand from the stats, the first few years of a real estate agent's career are crucial to their future success. If they can successfully weather the two years in the business, there is a high likelihood that they would be able to thrive in the industry throughout their career.

There are thousands of agents who have survived their first two years in real estate; however, their business has yet to become predictable or profitable. For new real estate agents, it can be extremely tough if they do not know when — or if! —their next transaction is coming and where it will come from; hence, they are always struggling financially in between making their sparse sales. This lack of consistency and predictability force many people to leave the industry for 9-5 job.


Why Do Real Estate Agents Have a High Rate of Failure in the First Few Years?

Real estate agents often fail to strike it big in their first few years of real estate business,

Not because they do not have the drive to work, but because they did not take the right actions. People new and newer to the business must develop a fanatical approach to getting appointments with buyers who can buy or sellers who can sell. Rich Cosner coaches his agents to do that very thing and consequently he has some of the most successful people in the industry.


Become Predictable with Rich Cosner

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Rich Cosner can help real estate agents bring predictability to their real estate income. He and his team can coach you on how to reproduce your income reliably and can lead you into a comfortable zone in which you are not always worried about where and when your next sale will come from.

Rich is the “real deal” when it comes to building a flourishing real estate career. He can help you eliminate the roadblocks in the path to your success and will teach you effective business planning and strategizing so that every day is more productive than the day before. He can help you decide how to better utilize your time each day, week, and month.

Moreover, Rich can help make the real estate business seem easy!

Remember, where you end up is largely dependent on how you start. Kickstart your career with Rich Cosner and give yourself a chance at real success.
Have you been in the real estate business two years….or one year two times?

If it is the latter, it is time to contact Rich Cosner and get the training you need to become a rising star in real estate.


The Bottom Line

Says Cosner, “It is really pretty simple. If you are an experienced real estate agent who would like to grow your business, you owe it to yourself, your family and your clients to check out what other experienced agents checked out. If you want to have the most dynamic listing presentation that will win at the table virtually every time, you should talk to Coldwell Banker. If you wish your income was more consistent and reproducible you should talk to Coldwell Banker. If you want your clients to have the most advantages when they are selling their homes today, you should talk with Coldwell Banker. If you are tired of working with countless buyers and writing offers and losing out, you should talk to Coldwell Banker.” Cosner acknowledges that his brokerage isn’t perfect; the leadership team is always on the lookout for improved systems and techniques that will better meet its agents’ needs. Still, when he recently addressed a group of agents considering joining his firm, he was incredibly candid and optimistic about his brokerage’s strengths. “I assure you that any of you who are willing to do your part to grow your business will find Coldwell Banker a place that can lead you and show you how to make your business substantially better than it is today,” he asserted. “If you are looking to do the same amount of business you already do, stay at your current firm. However, if you wish to find yourself in a place that puts a premium on your individual success, I assure you that no firm will work harder on your behalf than our firm.”

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